See bellow the list of our equipment that is available to you.


Human Movement Analysis Lab

EMG Signal Detector

The Trigno™ Wireless System is a high-performing device designed to make EMG signal detection reliable and easy. The system is capable of streaming data digitally into EMGworks® or 3rd party software.

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Motion Capture Cameras

The Qualisys’ Motion Capture Cameras have the ability to calculate marker positions with impressive accuracy and speed and measure hundreds of markers, at thousands of frames per second in an ordinary laptop.

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Force Plate

Bertec force plates are designed for gait, balance, and performance analyses. They lead the industry in center of pressure and force measurement accuracy with negligible crosstalk, drift, and signal interference. Analog signals sampled internally at 1000Hz are immediately processed by our custom electronics into digital data impervious to degradation.

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Twin-Axis Goniometer, 150 mm

The Biopac® – TSD130B Twin-Axis Goniometer is used to measure limb angular movement (wrist flexion/extension and radial/ulnar deviations). 

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Single-Axis Electrogoniometer

The Biometrics’ Single-Axis Electrogoniometer (F35) measures angles in one plane only. This smallest goniometer is designed to measure flexion/extension of finger or toe joints.

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Heel/Toe Strike Transducer

The Heel/Toe Strike Transducer records heel and toe strike activity through the registration of the pressure placed on the gell and the toe during the walk.

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Virtual Lab

Multi-touch Screen 

VAIO L Series Multi-touch Screen is equipped with a 24-inch (diagonal) WUXGA (1920×1080) widescreen paneil with high-definition content in Full HD resolution.

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Head-Mounted Display

The NVIS nVisor SX111 Head-Mounted Display offers users a truly immersive display with a total viewing real estate covering 102° horizontal by 64° vertical, with 111 degrees across the diagonal.

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Virtual Reality Sytem + Headset + Touch Controllers + Sensors

The Occulus Rift gives a filed of view of 110 degrees that does not suffer from disturbing blind spots. The headband it’s adjustable as is the distance between the eyes and the screen. The Touch Controllers provide intuitive hand presence in VR—the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own. The sensors track constellations of IR LEDs to translate your movement into VR.

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Virtual Reality System

The VIVE™ VR System delivers the most immersive virtual reality experiences.

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Mobile EEG Headset 

The award-winning EMOTIV EPOC+ 14 channel mobile EEG is designed for scalable and contextual human brain research and advanced brain-computer interface applications and  provides access to professional grade brain data with a quick and easy to use design.

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Virtual Reality Glasses

The Mi VR PLAY2 aloud the ser play amazing games and watch the best movies in their own 3D IMAX cinema.

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Virtual Reality Headset

The Samsung Gear VR allows the user to explore virtual worlds and travel the globe with a phone in the headset.

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Virtual Reality Headset

The Zeiss VR ONE Plus’ offers a sharp picture over the entire field of view of 100° with no manual adjustments necessary and it even works for wearers of spectacles.

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Depth Detection Sensor

The TrackStrap™ Depth Detection Sensor allows experience true full-body tracking in VR.

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Gesture Motion Control

The Leap Motion Controller allows the users to start using their hands in VR in a quickly and easily way.

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Wireless Bood Pressure Monitoring

The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor gives you instant color-coded feedback based on the ESH (European Society of Hypertension) and the AHA (American Heart Association) recommendations for hypertension.

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Exercise and Performance Assessment Lab

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New h/p/cosmos® system for athletic training, diagnostics and rehabilitation. treadmill pulsar® 3p with overspeed up to 45.0 km/h, speed handrail, extra wide footboards on both sides, robowalk®/
roborun® front and back, integrated Microgate Optogait light barrier carpet for step length determination and measurement of biomechanical parameters, pneumatic un-weighting (BWS body weight
support) system airwalk® ap with integrated fall stop. The subject is secured against falling and the running belt is stopped automatically in case of a fall.

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Cycle Ergometer

The Mornark – 939E Cycle Ergometer is equipped with the Novo control system which guaranties a very fast and accurate adjustment of the resistance. The ergometer can be used as stand-alone unit or be controlled by an external system like a metabolic cart, ECG-system or a computer. 

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Cycle Ergometer

The Monark 894E Cycle Ergometer is the world’s most widely used test bike for fitness tests and worktests. It is easy to calibrate and just as easy to check when in use. You know that all the values are always accurate. 

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The Biodex System 4 Pro™ offers a level of performance, accuracy, and safety that remains unmatched and has a positioning system with motorized seat height, front-to-back chair adjustment fully assisted dynamometer height adjustment and side-to-side adjustment.

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Portable Metabolic System

The K4b2 Portable Metabolic System allows the measurement of oxygen consumption outside to obtain information on the metabolic costs of specific daily life activities.

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Stabilometry Lab

Static and Dynamic Balance Platform

The Biodex Balance System™ SD has been designed to meet the needs of everyone looking to improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies. 

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Pressure Platform

The PhysioSensing Pressure Platform is a pressure plate with visual feedback for support physical rehabilitation activities.

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Pedography platform

The Emed® – AT/2 Pedography Platform it’s an accurate electronic system for recording and evaluating pressure distribution under the foot in static and dynamic conditions.

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Pedography System

The Pedar® Pedography System is an accurate and reliable pressure distribution measuring system for monitoring local loads between the foot and the shoe.

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One-Foot Podografh

The Podografh® aloud to take an outline at the foot and an imprint of the sole.

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Portable Wireless Force Platform

The Biosignals Plux® Portable Wireless Force Platform has streaming and local storage capabilities ideal for biomechanics in & out of the lab.

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Biological Multi-signal Analysis Lab

Electrobioimpedance Amplifier

The Biopac® – EBI100C Electrobioimpedance Amplifier records the parameters associated with impedance cardiography, cardiac output measurements, thoracic impedance changes as a function of respiration or any kind of biological impedance monitoring.

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Electrocardiogram Amplifier

The Biopac® – ECG100C Electrocardiogram Amplifier records electrical activity generated by the heart and will reliably record ECG from humans, animals and isolated organ preparations.

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Electroencephalogram Amplifier

The Biopac® – EEG100C  Electroencephalogram Amplifier amplifies bioelectric potentials associated with neuronal activity of the brain and can be used to perform unipolar or bipolar EEG measurements.

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Electrooculogram Amplifier

The Biopac® – EOG100C Electrooculogram Amplifier amplifies corneal-retinal potential. The amplifier monitors the DC potential on the skin surrounding the eyes, which is proportional to the degree of eye movement in any direction.

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Electromyogram Amplifier

The Biopac® – EMG100C Electromyogram Amplifier amplifies general and skeletal muscle electrical activity.

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 Respiration Amplifier

The Biopac® – RSP100C Respiration Amplifier is designed for direct physical measurement of respiratory effort. Each RSP100C amplifier requires one TSD201 respiration transducer.

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Tri-Axial Accelerometer

The Biopac® – TSD109C Tri-Axial Accelerometer is a high level output transducer witn an amplifier built into the transducer. It connects directly to the HLT100C High Level Transducer module to provide three outputs, wich measure acceleration in the X, Y and Z direction simultaneosly. 

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Medium Flow Transducer 300 L/min

The Biopac® – TSD117A Medium Flow Transducer can be used to perform a variety of tests relating to air flow, lung volume and expired gas analysis. New tiered flow head allows for direct connection to multiple standard pulmonary ID/OD hoses and components without the need for couplers. 

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Blood  Pressure Cuff Precision Transducer

The Biopac® – TSD120 Blood  Pressure Cuff Precision Transducer can measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure by the oscillometric or auscultatory (Korotkoff sounds) technique. It includes an adjustable cuff, pump bulb, pressure gauge and pressure transducer and converts biological signals for analysis with MP system or AcqKnowledge®.

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 Hand Dynamometer

The Biopac® – TSD121C isometric dynamometer measures gripping (compression) or pulling (tension) forces associated with a wide variety of muscle groups; measure grip, arm curling, leg lifting, digit activation forces.

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Stethoscope, BSL

The Biopac® – SS30L Stethoscope was developed to teach students the standard procedure for listening to heart sounds and Korotkoff sounds with a normal stethoscope and at the same time record sound data. 

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 Modular Biomedical Sensor Toolkits

The BioSignals Plux® KIT has a wireless real-time biosignal acquisition units completed with multi-modal sensors and software that allow the recording, visualization and data analysis.

Electromyography Sensors

Electroencephalography Sensors

Electrocardiogram Sensors

Electrodermal Activity Sensors

SpO2 Sensors

Respiration Sensors

Accelerometer Sensors

Goniometer Sensors

Force Sensors

AIR Sensors


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Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Cells

The TC Timing Systems is designed for various athletic timing applications activities thar require a sophisticated and easy to use wireless timing system.

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Devices Development Lab

Thermoforming Complete Unit

The Podotec Thermoforming Complete Unit combines a large-format crimping plate, a heat board, a digital control panel with LCD display and two exterior vacuum outputs in a single compact concept.

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